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  1. For one I read the 15 pages for subscribers and it was inspirational.Wish I would have found out about you a long time ago but now i know.My biggest question is :

    What would be your recommendations when it comes to wearing natural hair in a professional environment ?

    I am asking because on Christmas day, i decided to cut off my relaxed ends and go all the way natural. My hair is about 4″ right now. My goal is to grow it out long(not sure by how many inches yet). I went natural back in Feb.2011, but by March, I had an interview for a job and told myself i should straighten my hair. I straightened it, but it came out straight and fluffy. I thought back then that i had to wear it straight when i am at work and because i could not figure out how to properly straighten natural hair, i went to the beauty store and bought a relaxer.

    Now this time I said i would not go back to a relaxer and even said a prayer to God about it too because i have never liked relaxers( this is another story)Anyways, at this time i am wearing two strand twist out so far . I talked to my mom today about me cutting my hair, and the first thing she said was about wearing my hair like it is now in the workplace is that i will always have to wear it straight because i am representing a company and because i am trying to get in Human Resources, everyone will be looking at me . I am thinking the way i am wearing it is fine because it doesnt look nappy and i also put gel on my edges. I said I would not straighten it until I graduate (thats in August this year) but now i am in between on what to do.

    Sorry for writing so much.If you can please give me some honest suggestions and when you have time, i would appreciate it. Thanks and have a blessed day

    • My Dear Sister,

      I can’t believe I missed this comment. I do pray that your work life is going smoothly and that you are thriving in the HR profession. I have always noticed a considerable amount of natural haired HR professionals. It seems a safe space for them perhaps because they are protected by anti-discrimination laws and are supposed to represent diversity to the company. What has been you experience thus far?
      Warmly~ Crownofhisglory

      • I honestly forgot about this until I received a email notification on a reply back. Its ok on the response time. Have not been lucky in the HR field but have had better luck with my hair.

        At my previous job when I went to the interview at the time I did straighten my hair. But even with trying to straighten it I was still getting a fluffy straight look. That helped me realize why am I fighting with trying to keep my hair straight when I can just wear it natural. So the next day I went to work natural and did receive looks of what did I do to my hair. But after a week everyone was use to me wearing my hair natural and started liking it.

  2. Thanks for the response. Not thriving in the H R profession unfortunately but am thriving on my hair.Back then the biggest thing that bothered me was getting judged by professionals for me not wearing my hair straight. Now I am not worried about it especially with finding out different ways I can wear my natural hair in a professional field.

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