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   International “Big Chop” Month Announced

A Worldwide Challenge to Break Free of Chemical Relaxers

NEW YORK, NEW YORK. (Jan. 1, 2016) – Natural Hair Academy founder and popular Youtube vlogger (username: CrownofHisglory) announces January as the month to break free of chemical relaxers or officially, “International Go Natural Month”.

“There’s no better time than the new year to make a commitment to loving your own God-given tresses.  The time, season and energy of new beginnings is the perfect climate to make the huge step towards mastering your own mane”, says CrownofHisglory.

CrownofHisglory encourages those brave enough to publicize their journey to natural hair to try out for MTV’s reality show about women ready for their “Big Chop” experience— a drastic cutting away of chemical relaxed hair— where Black hopes to serve as resident natural hair expert and growth coach.


Interview Opportunities

About CrownofHisGlory:

CrownofHisglory is a natural hair coach and founder of The Natural Hair Academy. Spreading the good news about growing one’s own natural hair, she passionately produces online video tutorials, webinars, instructional materials and live seminars to educate women on how to grow long and strong healthy hair. She is a popular beauty blogger on Youtube with over 2 million views and 13,500+ enthusiastic subscribers.


About Natural Hair Academy:

Concieved by black hair growth coach CrownofHisglory, NaturalHairAcademyexists to provide inspiration and information to curious souls who wish to master their mane through ebooks, online tutorials, live seminars and organic hair products.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Youtube and this whole natural hair community thing, so I wrote a 15 page letter to you, making  the case for avoiding scissors and putting effort into maintaining your “spiritual sexy” for your husband.

To read this heartfelt letter to my subscribers click here: Becoming a Crown of His Glory

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